New Report - Individual Multi Tiered Commissions

We have just released the first in a series of new reports. This report is available in the drop down menu under your standard company report. We have also included some additional features that allow you to email the currently viewed filter. As a few have requested this report works with quarterly filters. After we first announced it one client asked for a multi tiered option so we have built this into the system.

Access Here:

Then choose from your admins:

You can view all the months or filter by pressing the quarter or year buttons.


You can edit an individuals commission rates via the popup. If you wish to only have one rate just set them all to the same rates and tiers. Please note the tiers will increase the commission based on the whole of the total profit value for the given months.



You can then email the report to the selected sales person or change to send to another email address.

We have lots of new, exciting and unique product features coming soon...  Corporate Programs, coming very very soon!

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