New Feature - Send Product Category / Search Via Email

We have recently added a new feature that allows users to quickly send a range of products to a client for consideration. These products can be grouped together using the keyword-search-terms on each product or can be sent by links on all the categories and indexes.

This new feature is being used to great effect by our clients and offers a quick and easy introduction email when targeting a particular event or exhibition. 

They can also be used in our new mailing system.

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New Feature: Additional Costs

Since it's inception we have always setup all the products in ProMart with a maximum of 6 options for print. (Plain Stock, 1-4 Colour, Process Print) Or whatever you wanted to use them for.

This keeps everything nice and simple as the fields are dynamic and you can do whatever you want with them. However this can make it difficult to store all the information you may have available from your supplier. This is why we have now added in the ability to add additional costs to quotes.

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New Features - June 2016

We have added a lot of new features over the last month. Rather than a seperate post about each we will list them all in this post as there is a lot of them

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Prospect Database & New Registration Page

We have recently introduced a new section to ProMart 2.0 which allows clients to be able to maintain a separate area for prospect data. If you have purchased a prospecting list from a company data supplier or have gathered information from the internet then this is where you can store it. We can then use that information to automatically populate your websites registration form. This allows faster input of user details.

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New Feature - Front End Product Editor

Introducing the latest edition to ProMart 2.0's feature lineup. Front End Product Details Editor.

On each product page administrators now have the ability to edit certain features of a product. However when we import new data from suppliers if the data exists on our import it will overwrite any changes...

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Global Margin Adjustments

Previously all margins were set when the products were imported. We either set the values in the google sheet or set them to a default value on the import system. This takes a lot of time to import all lines for a global margin adjustment. 

This is why we have now added a new feature that allows users to manually adjust margins on a supplier / category basis or just to an individual product.

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New Feature - Youtube + Vimeo Video Display Options

Today we have implemented a new feature where by you can add either Vimeo or Youtube videos to both your category pages and your product pages.

If you wish to add videos to your category you can do so from the editor at the bottom of the page when logged in as an administrator. All you need to enter is the last part of the video URL.

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