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Task Manager


The task manager is a to do list that shows the current day's tasks in order of priority. Various links around ProMart 2.0 assign tasks to certain users. You can raise a task for a visual to be created that is linked to the quote and user automatically.

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ProMart 2.0 can create tasks via URL parameters. This means you can create templates for commonly used tasks and place them on pages on your website. We can set these up for you free of charge.

URL Parameter What its for
assign= The ID of the member of staff you with to assign the task to.
name= The name of user user/client that the task is for
company= The company name of the user the task is for
phone= The Phone Number of the user the task is for
email= The email address of the user the task is for
user= The user id of the user the task is for
linktoquote= The number of the quote this task is related to
priority= The priority of the task from 1-6 
repeat= Does this task need to be repeated?
task_details= The main description of the task

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