ProMart 3.0 - Progress - April 2017

We have been playing “I’m so excited" by the Pointer Sisters in the office all week. Everything is coming together. The task list has become a lot shorter than it was 2 weeks ago.
We have now updated the reseller system to something entirely new. All the old reseller websites will be phased out over time. We will now be offering a free to use service from our new website (apologies to anyone who received an email from this site, this was in error)

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ProMart 3.0 - Progress - March 2017

As you all know we are still working hard towards a stable release of ProMart 3.0. We have had a few extra features that we have decided to implement before launch. We have now removed the product archive and replaced it with a MY PRODUCTS system. This means that any products you put on the sites yourself are now stored separately this means we can drop our product database in a lot faster and can schedule it to happen directly from our new data directory every 24 hours. This means we can be a lot more proactive on adding new products and updating prices.

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ProMart 3.0 - Progress

It's been a chaotic few weeks full of late nights and long weekends. ProMart 3.0 is no small update. We have completely rebuilt the front end shop system so that we no longer have to rely on other components and can easily apply security updates going forwards. I know all our clients are eagerly awaiting their new sites so thought it would be prudent to give a quick update.

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Happy New Year 2017! - Looking Forward

It feels like yesterday that we were wishing all a Happy New Year for 2016. And what a year it was. Many highs and lows. ProMart continues to grow in user base and we are now moving closer to a 100% standalone solution. We hope to have ProMart 3.0 completely released by the end of February 2017 and all current users migrated into new templates (if they require them) by the end of March 2017.

We have added a lot of new features in the past 12 months...

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New Feature - Send Product Category / Search Via Email

We have recently added a new feature that allows users to quickly send a range of products to a client for consideration. These products can be grouped together using the keyword-search-terms on each product or can be sent by links on all the categories and indexes.

This new feature is being used to great effect by our clients and offers a quick and easy introduction email when targeting a particular event or exhibition. 

They can also be used in our new mailing system.

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Tutorial: How To Send a No Minimum Product to a Client for Purchase

This is the first in a series of tutorials designed to demonstrate the features of our No-Minimum integration. The video below will show you how to add a logo to a product and then how to share your shopping cart via email.

This is obviously not designed for every order on your site. But if a company emails you asking if you can print them 10 mugs and 25 pens then this function facilitates that very easily and makes the job worthwhile.

It's also great to use if you want to send a client something personalised to say thank you for an order you may have received from them.

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Introducing MicroSites For ProMart

As we draw closer to ProMart 3.0 we are uploading some new features for testing. The first major release in this series of updates is MicroSites.

What are MicroSites?

A microsite is an individual website on it's own domain that you can use for marketing a particular product. This can be useful when you have a specific marketing/email campaign aimed at a specific niche. Or if you want to try out some new optomisation methods without risking it negativly effecting your main domain.

It's also useful if you have a lot of keyword domain names sitting in an account not doing much other than costing you in renewal fees. (We've all been there!)

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Xero Integration

ProMart is now fully integrated with Xero Accounting Software. Once the Xero integration is activated all Invoices and Purchase Orders can be directly imported through to Xero.

There are various option for mapping accounts and you can also choose the status of newly imported Invoices or PO's

Due to a constantly changing API for both Xero and Quickbooks integrations we will now we changing £15 per month per integration to cover running costs.

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New Features - June 2016

We have added a lot of new features over the last month. Rather than a seperate post about each we will list them all in this post as there is a lot of them

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Introducing Bulk Order E-Commerce Video Creation Service

We are now producing bulk order video content for our customers E-Commerce websites via our new sister company Vidimator Ltd. We take your product data and use it in the creation of short videos. You can supply us with a spreadsheet and we will create and publish your videos to youtube or vimeo and supply you with a csv file with the vimeo and youtube ID's. We are working on integrations for Magento, Woo Commerce, ProMart 2, Open Cart and Shopify.

As an opening special offer if you sign up for a minimum of 3 months PromoNet content creation package (£500 PCM) we will provide you with a Pro Vidimator package worth £375+VAT, which is 250 upto 1 min product videos. We will also provide a free bespoke template for the videos worth £499+VAT

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New Feature: Additional Costs

Since it's inception we have always setup all the products in ProMart with a maximum of 6 options for print. (Plain Stock, 1-4 Colour, Process Print) Or whatever you wanted to use them for.

This keeps everything nice and simple as the fields are dynamic and you can do whatever you want with them. However this can make it difficult to store all the information you may have available from your supplier. This is why we have now added in the ability to add additional costs to quotes.

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New Feature - Front End Product Editor

Introducing the latest edition to ProMart 2.0's feature lineup. Front End Product Details Editor.

On each product page administrators now have the ability to edit certain features of a product. However when we import new data from suppliers if the data exists on our import it will overwrite any changes...

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How to Create a Quotation

Creating a quote in ProMart 2.0 is designed to be as easy as possible. The quote edit page is flexible and allows you to quote various different options to your clients to allow them to choose which they would like to proceed with. We can create a new quotation in a few different ways...

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How To Add a New User to Your Website

In order to create a quotation or raise a task for a customer you first need to add them to your website as a user. You can have multiple accounts for the same company and each different email address requires a new account. In general user accounts are created automatically when an enquiry is made on your website. But you may need to add them manually from time to time. The video below shows how you can add a user to your website.

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How to Convert a Telephone Enquiry To a Website Enquiry

The easiest way to process a telephone enquiry on your ProMart 2.0 website is to log out and process the enquiry as if you were the customer themselves.

Ask the customer on the phone for the either the product name or the product SKU. (Stock Keeping Unit) This usually appears below the product features/description on the first tab or slide of the product page...

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Prospect Database & New Registration Page

We have recently introduced a new section to ProMart 2.0 which allows clients to be able to maintain a separate area for prospect data. If you have purchased a prospecting list from a company data supplier or have gathered information from the internet then this is where you can store it. We can then use that information to automatically populate your websites registration form. This allows faster input of user details.

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Gravatar Images Throughout ProMart 2.0

What is Gravatar?

A Gravatar is a Globally Recognised Avatar the site was setup by the creators of wordpress in order to facilitate avatars that were consistent across all wordpress sites. Beyond that the Gravatars can be integrated with any web application with a simple piece of code.

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