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In order to create a quotation or raise a task for a customer you first need to add them to your website as a user. You can have multiple accounts for the same company and each different email address requires a new account. In general user accounts are created automatically when an enquiry is made on your website. But you may need to add them manually from time to time. The video below shows how you can add a user to your website.

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ProMart 2.0 is integrated with Sage pay tokenised payment system. The reason we use this is so we can capture card details upon order placement but hold off charging the user's card until we have confirmed and verified the order and artwork is ok. Below we have laid out the process of making a payment using this system.

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To upload a visual for approval, simply click the icon from the Order Progress page and you will see a pop up as shown below, Click choose file and find the appropriate visual to upload from your computer. Ticked by default, the "Send Approval Email?" will send out an automated email that is explained further in the Approving Visuals article.

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