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From time to time we offer discounts on site setup and user licences. We are always bringing out new features and would love to keep you updated. 

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  • Spicy Italia
  • Red Onions, Spicy Italian Sausage, Mushroom & Oregano
  • 12″ Medium
  • 14″ Large
  • 16″ X-Large
  • Roast & Rasher
  • Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Onion, Mushroom & Oregano
  • 12″ Medium
  • 14″ Large
  • 16″ X-Large
  • Blazing Bird
  • Red Onions, Spicy Italian Sausage, Mushroom & Oregano
  • 12″ Medium
  • 14″ Large
  • 16″ X-Large


After many requests we have now completed setup of our demo site. This site has been loaded with 20k users, 10k quotes and 10k orders. All have dummy credit cards on file and order progress is setup with orders at various stages. The site is set to reset every 2 hours at half past the hour. There is a timer at the bottom of the site to relay this information.

Please note any attempted abuse of the demo system will trigger an automatic reset and disable any current logins.

Feel free to send quotes and play with any parts of the system you wish. To request login details please enter your name and email below...


Demo Site Access Request

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An E-Commerce and Order Management System for The Wholesale Print Industry

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Website Enquiries

Automatically load customer enquiries into quotes

Choose from a quick quote or full e-commerce mode

Distribute Enquiries around your sales team easily

Track where enquiries came by adding ?source=Twitter etc to external links

Easily see urgent orders using colours

Click Above to preview the enquiry list

E-Commerce Orders

Record card details ready for payment using Stripe

Check all details of the order are correct before charging a card

Store unlimited credit card details for future payments

Track where orders came by adding ?source=Twitter etc to external links

Click Above to preview the order list


Offer upto 5 different options per quote. 1 Colour, 2 Colour etc

Automatically load enquiries from your website

PDF and in email HTML quotes with attachments

Load products from our data directory or add your own

Easily upload new images with auto resize and formatting

Alter margins and easily see profits

Add discount coupons for certain customers

Click Above to preview the quote list

Customer Database and CRM

Customers can access their own dashboard to update information

Store an unlimited amout of customer records

Each user can see their own order history online

Filter and sort customers using our tagging system

Export user information easily for use in mailing lists

Store unlimited customer delivery addresses

Click Above to preview the customer list

Order Progress

Traffic Light Tracking

Online Artwork Approvals

Automatic stage completion

Multiple Layouts depending on your process

Automatic Despatch and Invoicing

Automated approval chasing

Mass despatch orders

Click Above to preview order progress

My Products

Add your own products to any of our indexes

Create your own product groups using tags

Automated sync your data from google sheets

Upload images that are automatically placed on a 500 x 500 canvas

Click Above to preview the my products

Sales Orders and Invoices

Auto invoice on despatch

Online Account Payments using Stripe or Sagepay

Sync Data to Quickbooks or Xero (+£15 PCM)

Users can access invoices from their dashboard

Click Above to preview the invoice list

Task Manager / CRM

Raise tasks to request visuals

Raise tasks to follow up on quotes

Raise tasks for next point of contact with clients

View tasks in order or priority

Bump tasks to the next day

Top 10 current tasks appear in main system dashboard

Manage your own task lists or assign tasks to other members of staff

Import cold call lists to work through at XX amount per day

Click Above to preview the tasks list

Purchase Orders

Suppliers can click a link to notify you they have received the purchase order

Suppliers can click a link to despatch. This then sends your client despatch details and an invoice

Approve supplier artwork within your system

Import purchase orders directly into Xero

Click Above to preview the Purchase Order list

Supplier Database

Choose from our large range of supported suppliers

Import your current supplier database

If you are a BPMA member we can import BPMA suppliers for you

Exclude certain suppliers products from appearing

Change the markups on a supplier basis

Store login details for supplier websites

Store different emails based on requirements (Samples/Orders/Artwork)

Click Above to preview the Supplier Listing

Reports / Integrations

Sales Performace Report with Filters

Onsite leaderboard system to encourage competition

Integrate with Quickbooks or Xero for advanced reports

Do pratically anything using Zapier linked to your database

Create custom reports by integrating to Google Sheets

Click Above to preview the Sales Report

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you wish to do this we can setup ProMart as a backend only system. We would reccomend a ProMart Lite package. You would still need to purchase the website system as it is required for ProMart to work.Please click here for pricing

We are constantly in touch with suppliers updating pricing data. There is a facility to check prices with the supplier. If these are ever wrong, simply notify us and we will get in touch with the supplier to update them.

Simply email them and CC us in and we will deal directly with the supplier for you. If you do not mind us using in our data directory then this service is free. If you wish it for use only on your site the fee is £35 per hour +VAT

Yes, we take on custom development work on our system at a rate of £35 per hour. Simply brief us your request and we will quote you in hours for your job.

The front end of the website system is designed to be 100% mobile and tablet friendly. ProMart 3.0 was built with mobile in mind and not as an after thought.

In short, no. We provide online support via a live help system that is available to all admins. We provide telephone support where required and we have a directory of tutorials available to browse. Due to ProMart's intuitive nature the learning curve is short.

Yes, if you are confident in using the Joomla! CMS system you are welcome to access the backend area to design your own website. However no components are allowed to be installed without our consent. All sites are closely monitored.

Yes ProMart 3.0 is 100% PCI compliant and we do not store any credit card details on our websites. (This is all dealt with by stripe) Additionaly all sites come with a Free SSL certificate

Yes, we can setup your google shopping feeds for you. These are updated every 24 hours. Google Shopping feeds are only available with a ProMart Pro package Please click here for pricing

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Book A ProMart 3.0 Multisite Demo

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I've spent my whole life telling people that I'm not a sales person. I've had some pretty interesting responses to that in the past. Most tell me I'm a great sales man and "why am I spending all my time designing websites and developing interfaces". The simple answer is I love it, if you can find something you really truly enjoy in life you will never work another day in your life! 

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About Us

Who we are and what we do:

PromoNet Ltd was establised in 2013 as a company to provide b2b IT services to companies within the promotional products sector.

We have persued the development of ProMart a cloud based e-commerce system that offers unparalleled speed, but more importantly ease of use.

ProMart is used by forward thinking companies that want to succeed in the online marketplace.

As well as this software offering, PromoNet provides web based support services to various other entities within the promotional merchandise industry in the UK.

These services include but are not limited to; product data management, content creation, bespoke development, consultation and managed hosting.

Our staff have a range of experience within the promotional products industry.

We provide CRM order systems to a range of suppliers and distributors in the promotional merchandise industry.

Staff members have worked for various different companies covering; suppliers, distributors, industry associations, catalogue groups and now after setting up PromoNet, service providers.

We have experience in all aspects of the promotional merchandise industry in the UK. From Print and Production to artwork and e-commerce.

We also have a large amount of experience in producing multimedia content and managing websites across the promotional products and print sectors.

David Dawson

"We will solve your problems or develop a better solution for your business. Our software has a framework but it's not off the shelf. We are flexible and will listen to your needs. This is the way we work. This is the way we like to work."

Managing Director, PromoNet Ltd

If you would like to work with us...

Get in touch

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All of the screenshots and demo views on this site are from the pilot ProMart 2.0 website www.merchandise.co.uk.

The entire dashboard category is a case study of www.merchandise.co.uk

This website is owned by Merchandise Ltd - formerly Promo-Gifts (UK) Ltd. The total rebuild has taken over a year and is an ongoing project as we add more and more features to the site as they are requested by the Merchandise Ltd team.

ProMart 1.0 originated from David Dawson's work on www.promotional-products.org and has been a long project spanning 5 years to 2015. The database and software of ProMart 1.0 had grown beyond it's capabilities. In 2014 it was decided to rebuild the system from scratch to take advantage of an updated Joomla Framework and responsive design elements as well as being able to design the entire structure of the software from an educated and more experienced standpoint.

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